I highly recommend Benton Construction. Matt exceeded my expectations during every step of my buildout process. I had a very short timeline to complete the job, and added to that short timeline was the fact that my entire job needed to be completed during the busy holiday season! Matt's expertise with project management was evident from the start of our working relationship. Immediately after he assessed the scope of the job, he developed a highly detailed timeline, as well as a very realistic budget. He identified the challenges that we may encounter and communicated the best options to solve them. He shared with me exactly when the work would be occurring, and he updated my budget on a daily basis as the work changed. Matt allowed complete transparency of the process by using a project management dashboard that was easy to access on my phone or at home on my computer. He encouraged me to login to check the status of the job and to be aware of any changes to the timeline or to the budget. 


Matt brought in experienced and professional contractors who were able to staff and complete the jobs when they said they'd complete them.  We did not lose any time due to unreliable contractors; Matt made sure every contractor delivered exactly what they said they'd complete. Additionally, Matt was able to quality-control every aspect of the buildout because he was present on the job site every day. 


Matt is exceptionally detail-oriented and was able to anticipate even the smallest of details that needed to be addressed. From a faulty toilet handle to a sticky door jam, Matt personally made sure the construction project met his extremely high standards. As a business owner, my eyes were on the completion of the job; it was invaluable to have a general contractor who could attend to the small details that make a big difference in a business. 


Aside from Matt's high level of professionalism, he's also a very easy and enjoyable person to work with. He was able to diffuse stressful situations for me, and helped me navigate challenges so that I could focus on the daily operations of my business. I have no doubt that Benton Construction will exceed any customer's expectations.


Allison Grant


I have known Matt professionally and personally and he is an extraordinary person. He is honest, kind, and courteous. He is looked up to by many in the community and sets a high standard in all he does. Matt and his team are very professional, provide excellent customer service and a quality product at a fair price. He is trustworthy and dependable which he has proved it many times throughout the process of building my home. He was involved not only in the design of the house but also guided us patiently through the building process. Matt and his team have done an amazing job and have exceeded our expectations. I would highly recommend him for any project, big or small!


Dr. Jennifer Quilter



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